Psychotherapy and counselling is one-to-one work. It is always developed around understanding your particular needs, dilemmas and situation. It is specific to you.

Our tendency is to go round and round the same problems without finding ways to change anything other than in ways that temporarily alleviate the pressure. These might include spending money to buy ourselves a treat, or dating the wrong person, or getting drunk, or maybe just watching television.

How do we engage with our problems differently? How do we find a way to work on the problem rather than just go round and round it?

Some might say that a psychotherapist is just there for times of crisis. I think it is more useful to say that a psychotherapist is someone you might visit because you feel you want, or need to explore your situation, problems, aspirations and all.

I have experience of working with problems arising from; anger management, relationship issues, sexual and physical abuse, bereavement,addictions, anxiety, depression, stress, problems with self-esteem.

Instead of attempting to wish our problems away, psychotherapy and counselling are ways of developing insight into them. From this we may be able to develop more creative and balanced ways of living with ourselves

Counselling & psychotherapy can help when you

  • feel depressed or are worried about depression
  • are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder
  • feel unable to cope with a past or present traumatic event
  • have experienced loss or bereavement
  • fell anxious or stressed
  • experience life as meaningless
  • suffer physical problems with no apparent physical cause
  • have problems managing your feelings
  • are trying to cope with addictive behaviour (alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex)
  • or, simply feel something gets in the way of you enjoying life and stops you living to your full creative potential.

My practice is based within a few miles of Windsor, Gerrards Cross, Maidenhead, Slough, High Wycombe, Little Chalfont, Chesham and Amersham.