The Remarkable Power of a Psychotherapeutic Conversation

It is remarkable how a confidential psychotherapy or counselling conversation helps to open up questions and worries that someone may have kept to themselves for years. Sometimes, in just a few sessions you see someone open up about themselves in a way that they apparently have not done before, or not in a very long time.

As they talk about themselves and subjects they have hitherto worried about and kept concealed, they start to change. They may start to breathe more deeply and easily, they may become more relaxed in their chair. Headaches and worries that have been worrying them for ages, and which have sometimes lead to problematic medical diagnoses start to dissolve as conversation develops. They report that they are sleeping better, that bad dreams have stopped, that certain physical symptoms have lessened. They start to find a new perspective on themselves and their lives, and have a new energy for projects and ideas. And all of this happens because they took the opportunity to come for therapy or counselling. It is remarkable.