Take a Look at the Language You Use

By way of explaining Sebastian Vettel’s decision to ignore Team Red Bulls’ instructions, a sports psychologist writes: ‘all the training has produced hard wired neural circuitry… In competition he is trained to overtake a slower car’. Now there may be … Read More

Out of the Blue

So there’s you, passing the stations from High Wycombe to Marylebone, then going down the escalator to the Bakerloo line. When today, for no particular reason, your rhythm is interrupted,and,perhaps prompted by a story in a throwaway morning paper, you … Read More

Changing Direction

Some people, perhaps like David Bowie or Picasso, seem to instinctively know how to renew their lives, how to transform themselves. By doing so they find new ways of working and head for new goals. Other people may lack such … Read More

A Bit Like a Commuter Train Being Derailed

Why do relationships become complicated? Do I create my own problems? Sometimes in the middle of a settled and constructive phase of life we suddenly lose ourselves. Without warning something has derailed us. It can be hard to know whether … Read More

A Problem Is Not an Illness

Realising that we have a problem with something, be that shyness, or depression does not mean that we have an illness. It means that there is something in our lives that requires attention, but that should not be taken as … Read More

Bereavement When Losing A Parent

Bereavement therapy losing a parent When a parent dies unexpectedly the loss is profound. The world as we knew it has ended without warning, and everything about our lives is suddenly plunged into chaos. With luck bereavement therapy will be … Read More