Dealing with addiction

How do you recognise that you may have an addiction? Alcohol, drug, food, gambling, sex, or porn addiction problem? We might assume that it would be obvious and easy to spot, but it isn’t. With addictions, people ‘use’ drink, or … Read More

Therapeutic relationship

The value of a therapeutic relationship Good friends are precious but you don’t always want to tell them everything. Often there are things we would like to speak about but feel put off by our personal relationships. This is why, … Read More

Introduction to Counselling

Introduction to Counselling – what is counselling? Counselling is a conversation, in some ways an unusual conversation because the focus is on finding out about you and what has brought you? Introduction to Counselling – how does it work? Counselling … Read More

Low mood and psychotherapy

Symptoms of low mood include negative feelings apathy self-critical thinking low self-esteem relationship problems poor work performance poor physical health reduced sex drive loss of confidence feeling anxious Low mood and its symptoms can be cyclical.  Everything can be ok … Read More

Mental health awareness training

Why we all need to be interested in mental health awareness training Mental health awareness is central to all of us, it is not just something that effects troubled people.  Good mental health awareness training is part of being a … Read More

Complex PTSD Symptoms

Complex PTSD Symptoms Trauma and complex PTSD can be difficult to diagnose.  The symptoms can develop over many years and during that time it is not uncommon to be given an incorrect diagnosis of depression or anxiety disorder.  This means … Read More

Porn addiction and psychotherapy

Signs of porn addiction: porn is being used to mask painful feelings the use of porn is becoming unmanageable porn is having a negative impact on your life  Symptoms of porn addiction: problems forming lasting social and intimate romantic relationships … Read More

Fear of the unknown

Worry and anticipation hang in the air, the fear of the unknown – you know a change has to be faced but you don’t know how to face it. You don’t have to face it alone. We tend to live … Read More

Emotional Dysregulation

Understanding emotional dysregulation It can be extremely difficult to understand issues around emotional instability or ‘affective dysregulation’ and it is often very draining for the individual concerned.  In some cases this can fit with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder … Read More

Psychodynamic Approach

What is the psychodynamic approach? Psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling are modern names for therapy that developed from psychoanalysis and Jungian analysis.  These are therapies with more than 100 years of research and development behind them.  They are often caricatured as … Read More