Psychodynamic Counselling

What is Psychodynamic Counselling? Psychodynamic counselling considers the mind or psyche as dynamic, one force working upon another which in turn produces different forces.  These psychological dynamics shape our thoughts, our views about the world, which in turn shape the … Read More

Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is a fundamental part of psychotherapy and counselling When you go to psychotherapy or counselling you need to have the peace of mind that what you say in your sessions remains private.  What you say here stays here, … Read More

Alcohol and anxiety

“I used to say to myself that a drink would settle my anxiety and help me relax, would settle my nerves.  Maybe it used to.  But in the long run it just made me more anxious.”  Anonymous It is a … Read More

Disorganised Attachment

What is disorganised attachment? At the heart of someone who suffers from disorganised attachment is unacknowledged trauma and traumatic experience.  There has never been a chance for the trauma to be processed, so it has remained within the person, continually … Read More

Love is blind

Love is blind, the decisions we make Perhaps you are someone who has made reckless decisions in the name of love.  Perhaps you walked out on a long marriage having fallen for someone out of the blue.  You wouldn’t have imagined … Read More

Is A Cognitive Approach Enough?

Is a Cognitive Approach enough? Cognitive approaches to psychotherapy get a great deal of attention.  Are they right for you? You want to change your life and stop repeating the same mistakes and problems.  You want to stop having things … Read More

I Want To Run Away

I feel I want to run away I want to get away I want to fly away – Lenny Kravitz There are certain threats that it is better to avoid than to engage with.  Faced with danger it is often … Read More

What does dissociation feel like?

Dissociation, what does it feel like? what does it mean? Dissociation refers to a separation or division that occurs in our experience of consciousness and on-going reality.  Dissociation refers to the sense of having moved from one state of awareness … Read More

Fear of rejection

Living with a fear of rejection A fear of rejection, be it to do with relationships or careers can hold us back. Rejection leaves us vulnerable and insecure.  Fitting in and being part of the group is what has enabled us … Read More

Labile mood

What does labile mood mean? Labile mood is a medical, psychological and psychiatric term. It is used to describe people who experience irregular emotional responses. Labile mood is associated with severe mood swings and with intense emotional reactions.  Often the … Read More

How to stop catastrophizing

Do you catastrophize? Do you find you quickly go to a negative view of how things will turn out? Do you quickly imagine catastrophes happening? How do you find a way to keep perspective? When we talk about catastrophizing we … Read More

I feel like a failure

Why do I feel like a failure? You can feel like a failure for all kinds of reasons: in terms of relationships in relation to an event in terms of career in terms of an ambition that can’t be achieved … Read More

Are you tired of being alone?

When we speak of feeling tired of being alone, what are we describing? How do you think about and understand your aloneness?  Is it something you have started to feel because of a change in circumstances? Is it an old … Read More