Loss of confidence

A profound loss of confidence is often a consequence of accidents and events. When something happens out of the blue it can leave you shaken. The impact on individuals of a death, or a painful family break up, or witnessing or experiencing violence, can be far reaching. In some cases it can last a life time. On the face of it, it appears that we live in much more enlightened times now where schools, carers, individuals and society are all better at keeping the child’s behaviour and people’s needs in mind. It makes you think we used to live in the dark ages, when people could be cavalier about how their actions affected others. When a child’s silence would be taken not as a sign that attention should be paid to it but simply that it could be ignored. So the child, the individual, would not get the required attention and would be left to get on with life and deal with things with no acknowledgment of the injury they had suffered. If anything they might be made to feel guilty for not being more grateful for what they had.