Dr Clare Bailey: Why hugs are good for you

I spoke to psychotherapist Toby Ingham who told me that embracing each other plays an important part in making, repairing and strengthening connections between us. He says, ‘When we are hugged we feel close and intimate, creating a feeling of warmth. There are a lot of people who get very few hugs and miss the feeling of being held.’

Dr Clare Bailey
You Magazine
December 16, 2018

Why sniffing your partner’s used clothing could make you happier

The smell – and clothes – of a loved one could have a powerfully calming effect. So claims a study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, which tested 96 women, who were asked to randomly smell one of three scents – a male partner’s, a stranger’s or a neutral scent.

“This sounds like it’s taking the idea of something old and borrowed to an extreme, that might be considered macabre, but perhaps for this woman it’s part of something constructive [a grieving process],” says psychotherapist Toby Ingham. 

Lucy Fry
The Guardian
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Empty nest syndrome? Here are 6 tips on how to reclaim your life – and still be there for the kids

When your child secures a place at college, you want to burst with pride. It’s a great time for bonding, as you prepare them for moving away, living with strangers and looking after themselves. But once they’ve been gone for a couple of weeks, and your brain realises they’ve actually flown the nest and aren’t just on holiday, it can really stir emotions.

Suddenly, you have lots more pockets of time – which can be both a good and bad thing. It’s a time of major change, and that can be hard to get your head around.

Irish Examiner
Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Psychotherapist reveals the seven reasons partners cheat… from changing jobs to Peter Pan syndrome

Toby Ingham is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, member of The Guild of Psychotherapists and The Association of Psychotherapists, and he revealed to Fabulous what the main reasons for cheating are…Toby believes that commitment problems can often lead back to earlier life.

Alyssa Milano defends Netflix show Insatiable over ‘fat-shaming’ controversy

Toby Ingham, a UKCP registered psychotherapist, explains how the original intention of the show likely became lost in translation.

“The criticism is powerful, passionate and hard to argue against. It does seem as though the programme makers may not have thought this through, though that seems unlikely,” he says.

“The criticism picks up on the show making fat a phobic issue that demands ‘female obedience,’ in Woolf’s words. It is hard to come back from that kind of comment. This will stick.

“It is likely that the programme will put pressure on the mental health of young viewers,” he continues.

Sabrina Barr
The Independent
20 July 2018

How to cope if your family is grieving on Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day can be a difficult time for those who are grieving their loved ones but we have some top advice for the bereaved.

June 17th will be a tricky day for those who are missing their dad on Father’s Day but there are ways to help make the day just that little bit easier.

We spoke to psychotherapist and counsellor, Toby Ingham, about what parents can do to help support their children during a time of grief.

Heart Radio London
15 June 2018

Deferential, nervous but gloriously happy! Body language experts reveal what Meghan’s body language REALLY says about her first outing with the Queen

Psychotherapist Toby Ingham added: ‘The body language of the Queen and Meghan is warm, friendly, they look to be enjoying the time they are spending together.

‘There is formality to the occasion as they step from the train, but the overall tone is relaxed and warm.

‘When sitting together they move in towards each other and enjoy a shared joke. The impression of spontaneity and warmth.’

During the bridge opening ceremony, the Duchess of Sussex was seen fidgeting with her outfit and hair in a rare lapse of poise.

However Mr Ingham offered a different take on Meghan’s ‘fidgeting’ while she was seated next to the Queen, noting it might have been a sign that she was bored of a conversation.

Explaining the behaviour, he said: ‘It appears that the man on Meghan’s right is the cause of her fidgetiness. 

‘It looks like she is rather distracted by his interest, information and conversation than anything to do with the Queen. 

Unity Blott and Stephanie Linning
Mail Online
14 June 2018

Toby Ingham Reveals How To Use Emotional Intelligence Hacks To Lead And Innovate

Being emotionally literate is about more than remembering your Mum’s birthday – being aware of your own emotions can help you to unlock innovation and be a better leader, writes Toby Ingham for RSNG…

Toby Ingham & Matt Ray
The Rising Man
9 April 2018