Don’t wait for a fairytale

By yourself you may tend to see the difficult moods you experience as just being part of who you are. So, for example, your relationships may tend to start to feel like they are all the same, that they involve the same repetitive problems, end up in the same disappointing places.

In my experience seeing this as just part of who you are, and waiting for ‘the one’ person or event to come along and make everything good is not helpful. Good in fairytales, but unusual in life. The fact that relationships, career possibilities, you, end up feeling the same, speaks of a different kind of problem that needs to be addressed, but which is almost impossible to do on your own. The opportunity to work one-to-one in a confidential and professional relationship can give you the chance to understand and grasp the roots of these kind of problems. It can give you the chance to work towards a better outcome. Not the ‘abracadabra’ of a fairytale, but work towards a different outcome in real life.