Boundaries in Counselling

Why are boundaries in counselling important? One of the key values of the psychodynamic approach is the clear focus on the importance of boundaries in counselling. ┬áIt may not be necessary to say too much about the importance of boundaries … Read More

Work and the Internal World

Ordinarily, the child’s developing internal world and sense of himself should be protected, encouraged and nurtured by his primary caretakers. When this does not happen, or when the primary caretakers are infact provocative, attacking and aggressive towards the child, then … Read More

When Our Moods Are Disturbed

Our moods may be disturbed by chance, by the sudden changing circumstances of external events. The ordinary human events, births, deaths, illnesses, divorces, redundancies, all of these things take time to adapt to. But the harder problem can be when … Read More

Benign Therapeutic Molecules

Traumatic events can generate lasting complex psychological states in the minds of the traumatised. These are states which persist in the psyche and memory and which are then evoked, triggered, and activated by chance events. Suddenly someone says something out … Read More

Take a Look at the Language You Use

By way of explaining Sebastian Vettel’s decision to ignore Team Red Bulls’ instructions, a sports psychologist writes: ‘all the training has produced hard wired neural circuitry… In competition he is trained to overtake a slower car’. Now there may be … Read More

Out of the Blue

So there’s you, passing the stations from High Wycombe to Marylebone, then going down the escalator to the Bakerloo line. When today, for no particular reason, your rhythm is interrupted,and,perhaps prompted by a story in a throwaway morning paper, you … Read More