Three Reasons to Choose Psychotherapy

One: It’s a method of treatment that works by helping people understand how they create problematic patterns of thinking, feeling, acting, and relating. Two: Such problems usually recreate patterns, problems and solutions from early intimate relationships. Like never forgetting how … Read More

Taking the First Step

Taking the first step to contact a counsellor or psychotherapist can feel daunting, and it may help to remember that there no obligations. In the first instance you are only arranging an initial consultation to find out what you make … Read More

The Babadook – a Review

This is not your common or garden things-going-bump-in-the-night horror film, though there are plenty of bumps. The Babadook is positioned more within the psychology of horror, and in particular within the area of the horror that is traumatic bereavement. What … Read More

A Critical Internal World?

If your internal world default is set to critical rather than tolerant, then challenges and achievements quickly become reasons to be self-critical rather than being things to be enjoyed. Your life may be full of achievements but you are just … Read More