Anger is an Energy

Anger is an Energy, John Lydon’s autobiography I haven’t read the book yet but I think the title makes an important point; anger is an energy. We tend to give anger a bad press, we put it in a rather … Read More

A Critical Internal World?

If your internal world default is set to critical rather than tolerant, then challenges and achievements quickly become reasons to be self-critical rather than being things to be enjoyed. Your life may be full of achievements but you are just … Read More

Boundaries in Counselling

Why are boundaries in counselling important? One of the key values of the psychodynamic approach is the clear focus on the importance of boundaries in counselling. ┬áIt may not be necessary to say too much about the importance of boundaries … Read More

Work and the Internal World

Ordinarily, the child’s developing internal world and sense of himself should be protected, encouraged and nurtured by his primary caretakers. When this does not happen, or when the primary caretakers are infact provocative, attacking and aggressive towards the child, then … Read More