Anger is an Energy

Anger is an Energy, John Lydon’s autobiography

I haven’t read the book yet but I think the title makes an important point; anger is an energy. We tend to give anger a bad press, we put it in a rather unsocialised place, like some hooligan we want to keep away from. Doing this denies us the value and opportunity anger brings.

In my experience anger is a quick emotion, it flares up and looks for release very quickly. Anger can be protective, it is an emotion stirred by a need to respond to difficult situations. In his latest autobiography Roy Keane has decided enough is enough, time to speak out, anger is the emotion that might help you break out of being bullied, change things, liberate you.

It might be helpful to know more about yourself and your emotions, they are dynamic.

Anger has the raw potential to transform your life, so shunning it might be rash.

The fact that such emotion bubbles up may be telling you that something needs attention, perhaps something needs to change.
What do you need to change to change the quality of your emotional experience? What will the change be / look like?

Action is required: start now.