Agitated depression

What is agitated depression?

Agitated depression is a type of depression that involves symptoms like restlessness and anger. People who experience this type of depression usually don’t feel lethargic or slowed-down. Agitated depression used to be called “melancholia agitata.” It’s now known as “mixed mania” or “mixed features”, and it can be seen in people with bipolar disorder.  Although many people experience symptoms such as feeling slowed down and lethargic when they are depressed, others may experience just the opposite. They may feel anger, agitation and irritability. This is what “agitated depression” refers to.

It is common to go through periods of feeling irritated and agitated by things, but sometimes such feelings lead to distress and disturbance.  They can affect anyone, regardless of age, ethnic background, or social status.  Recognizng the signs of agitation and knowing what to do when they appear can be helpful to people with mood disorders and their loved ones.

Problems related to agitated depression

The term agitated depression is applied to depressive disorders in which agitation is prominent. Agitation may occur in many severe depressive disorders but in agitated depression, it is particularly severe. Agitated depression is seen more commonly among the middle aged and elderly than among younger patients. However, there is no reason to suppose that it differs in other impotent ways from the other depressive disorders.

Other problems related include problems, problems with appetite, with sleeping and with sex. Depressive illnesses tend to have a cumulative effect and so over time more areas of life become problematic, so relationships and work performance start to suffer.

Depression is a very common illness. About one third of people will experience mild depression at some time in their lives. Treatment may be via medication and a talking therapy, to understand the root of the problems counselling mayl be necessary.

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