Internal Working Model

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What do we mean by an internal working model? In this blog I write about psychoanalysis and psychodynamic counselling and why it is such a useful therapeutic model.  Here I am looking in particular at John Bowlby’s (1907-90) internal working … Continued

Psychodynamic Counselling

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Why you should consider psychodynamic counselling Psychodynamic counselling is a modern version of counselling developed from psychoanalysis.  It is a form of counselling that enables you to understand the way you relate to people, to the world, and to yourself, … Continued

Fear of the unknown

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Worry and anticipation hang in the air, the fear of the unknown – you know a change has to be faced but you don’t know how to face it. You don’t have to face it alone. We tend to live … Continued

Boarding School Syndrome

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What is Boarding School Syndrome? Boarding School Syndrome describes disorganised patterns of emotional attachment that are (for some people), a consequence of the disruption of being sent away to boarding school. Left unchecked emotional life will suffer, relationships break down, … Continued

Emotional Dysregulation

Understanding emotional dysregulation It can be extremely difficult to understand issues around emotional instability or ‘affective dysregulation’ and it is often very draining for the individual concerned.  In some cases this can fit with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder … Continued

Psychodynamic Approach

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What is the psychodynamic approach? Psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling are modern names for therapy that developed from psychoanalysis and Jungian analysis.  These are therapies with more than 100 years of research and development behind them.  They are often caricatured as … Continued

Agitated depression

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What is agitated depression? Agitated depression is a type of depression that involves symptoms like restlessness and anger. People who experience this type of depression usually don’t feel lethargic or slowed-down. Agitated depression used to be called “melancholia agitata.” It’s now known as “mixed … Continued

Living with depression

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What is living with depression like? The NHS describe living with depression like this, “the symptoms of depression can be complex and vary widely between people. But as a general rule, if you’re depressed, you feel sad, hopeless and lose interest in things … Continued

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