Addressing Addiction Based Issues

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Sometimes you have to adapt to deal with addiction based issues. In the first place it is necessary to stop the addictive behaviour. The addict needs to break the destructive behaviour before it can be more thoroughly thought about and understood. Otherwise the good work that is done in therapy will quickly be undone by an addiction driven episode of behaviour, and the therapy will lurch from having to handle the fallout from one episode after another. Before the therapy can progress it is necessary for the addict to break their addiction. It may be possible to utilise ideas and techniques from 12 step programmes to do this.

People struggle when it comes to breaking addictions. They might have experience of going to 12 step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Families Anonymous, but may have found the meetings off putting.

I worked at a private treatment centre in Marylebone and before that at Promis treatment centre. I think it can often be helpful to have a one-to-one confidential conversation with someone with experience of working with addictions. It can help you to understand how you might use a 12 step programme to support the changes you are looking to make. Such programmes can look strange and off putting at first, but they can be very useful and, they are free.

Once the addictive behaviour has been brought under control and life starts to become manageable, then the therapy can better engage with the issues that underly the problem.